Heat Emitter Guide for Domestic Heat Pumps

Download the latest guide to using Heat Emitters with Domestic Heat Pumps from the Trade Associations representing heat pumps and heat distribution technologies, who have worked together to produce this useful guide which is supported by DECC and EST.

Heat emitter guide.pdf

Heat pumps can provide high-efficiency low-carbon heat for dwellings. Their performance is optimised if low-temperature heat emitters are used for heat distribution in the house, so this guide aims to help you select an emitter type and operating temperature which will result in high efficiency and low running costs.  The guide uses a Temperature Star Rating to indicate how efficient the proposed system is likely to be. More efficient systems are given a higher number of stars. The maximum is 6 stars. More stars are given when lower heat emitter temperatures are used because the heat pump is able to operate more efficiently.


Heat Emitter Guide for Domestic Heat Pumps Ranges