BBA grants certificate of agrément to Emmeti UK

Emmeti plumbing and heating manifold systems now approved by BBA

Emmeti are delighted to announce they have been granted a certificate of approval for their plumbing distribution and heating circulation manifold based systems. The approval includes pipe, connectors, fittings and manifolds.

After rigorous and extensive testing (see photo of test rig), our manifolds and associated pipe connectors can be used with confidence. The pipes included are Polybutylene, PE-X, PE-RT, Multilayer composite and copper.

These can be used for hot water, high temperature radiator systems and low temperature underfloor heating in a variety of buildings, including domestic, commercial or public buildings.

These products meet all key product and system standards, allowing compliance with UK wide Building Regulations, CIBSE Guide A and NHBC standards, as well as EN1264. The BBA tests show that the in-service life of Emmeti manifolds and fittings would exceed 50 years, so you can be assured of a long working life. We are pleased to confirm the wall hung radiator manifold systems can perform equivalent to the requirements of ISO 10508:2006 Classes 1,2,4 and 5, and EN ISO 15875, 15876, 21003, 22391 with a design pressure and temperature of up to 4 bar and 90oC.

The full certification and related technical support data can be downloaded here