Emmeti Pressure Reducer provides plumbing system protection

The new Emmeti Pressure Reducer Valve gives plumbers peace of mind for the systems they install by providing protection against excessive supply pressure which could cause damage to the appliances and system joints.

This new product is the latest in a long line of product innovations from Emmeti, and is sure to be a valuable addition to domestic plumbing systems.

The Pressure Reducer Valve not only protects against supply pressure surges but also helps to reduce water consumption by up to 40% thanks to its ability to reduce water flow into the system in turn helping to reduce household water bills.

The pressure reducer valve requires minimal servicing due to its inline filter, and there is a simple access cover for quick servicing when required. It also has a calibrated dial-up pressure setting facility which allows the installer to see downstream pressure with no requirement for a pressure gauge during system commissioning. Lime-scale build up in the valve  also significantly reduced by the low-friction diaphragm inside the valve.

Emmeti UK Managing Director Jon Arntsen is pleased to see this new product become available to Emmeti customers:  ‘I am delighted to be able to offer our customers an affordable, user friendly and technically competent solution with our range of Pressure reducers.  This product is the latest in a long line of innovative and well engineered solutions driven by Emmeti’s passion for the manufacturer of quality products; and we are looking forward to launching many other new products in the coming months.’

For more information on the Emmeti Pressure Reducer Valve please call our office on 01993 824900 or visit our website at www.emmeti.co.uk to download a pdf brochure.