New UFH Control Sets

Emmeti UK are pleased to announce the launch of their new series of underfloor heating water temperature control sets – the T3 UFH Control sets, especially designed to provide an easy solution for customers’ individual requirements. The T3 UFH control sets make the product choice easier giving a technically sound solution with a simplified purchase process which requires less administration.

The T3 UFH Control range complements Emmeti’s existing wide range of 1” and 1¼” UFH manifolds which are available to suit projects ranging from small domestic solutions through to light commercial applications.  The T3 controls range includes four different control sets designed to provide a range of fixed and variable water temperature solutions: from a simple non electrical temperature management option to a full weather compensator package. Each control set includes a temperature management valve, circulating pump, built-in temperature gauge, mounting bracket and swivel joints for connection to the manifold assembly.

In order to provide water at the right temperature for underfloor heating, the T3 controllers use a mixing valve to take heated water from a heat source and mix it with the return water from the underfloor system to the correct design temperature. The desired mixed water temperature can be achieved either by using a thermostatic mixing valve to give a ‘fixed’ temperature or a motorised valve which can give either a ‘fixed’ or ‘variable’ temperature. The T3 Control sets have two thermostatic and two motorised mixing valves in the range.

As well as the mixing valve, the other key component is the circulating pump provided as an integral component of the control set. The standard pump offering is the Grundfos 25/60, with 130mm face to face dimension, 1½” male threaded connections, connected to union couplings for ease of replacement, and has a 3 speed setting.

For more information on the T3 UFH Control range please call our office on 01993 824900 or visit the UFH Control Product Pages to download a pdf brochure.