New Wiring Centres

Emmeti are pleased to announce the launch of the new range of EWC-1 wiring centres specially designed for the control of radiant heating and cooling systems, providing easy connectivity between the manifold, electrothermic heads and the room thermostats.

The EWC-1 8 way wiring centres comes with a host of features including a built in on-off switch so that the unit can be isolated when installing new thermostats and electrothermic heads or if fault finding is required on the system. The EWC-1 allows for the centralised time control of up to 8 zones, including night setback with a single time switch, and is available in both 230v and 24v options. 

Other features include earth continuity terminals as standard, as well as 230v live and neutral terminals to allow the connection of a pump to the wiring centre. Separate boiler interlock terminals allow for easy connection of the boiler system, and a range of LED indicators show the status of the pump, boiler, power and individual thermostats.

The EWC-1 offers easy connection of electrothermic heads, and includes four loose ‘cap’ terminals.  These allow for up to five heads per zone with up to two zones, additional caps can be ordered if required; the 24v wiring centre allows for up to 16 x 3W connections.

The units can be used inside manifold cabinets due to its specially protected enclosure rated at IP44.

For more information on the Wiring Centre range please call our office on 01993 824900 or visit Wiring centre product pages to download a pdf brochure.