New Touchscreen Thermostat

The new range of thermostats from Emmeti offer state of the art low cost temperature control.  Key features including touchscreen, colour coded, and programmable systems combine modern technology into a series of three easy to use products.

The colour coding systems works with blue, amber and red backlit indication, blue for below set temperature, amber for on set temperature and red for above set temperature, whilst the large format display gives at a glance confirmation of the current temperature and also the time as an additional feature.

State of the art touchscreen technology makes the thermostat extremely easy to programme on a day to day basis; and for initial installation programming a series of mechanical dip switches are neatly tucked away under a flip cover to the front right of the programmable units.
Additional user comfort features include a night setback function and automatic frost protection.

This new product is the latest in a long line of product innovations from Emmeti, and is sure to be a valuable addition to domestic or even commercial heating systems.

For more information on the Emmeti Touchscreen Room thermostat range please call our office on 01993 824900 or visit our the TST Product Pages