Comfort Cooling

Emmeti comfort coolingEmmeti Comfort Cooling is a complete system designed to enable Specifiers, installers and users to select from a wide range of equipment to give both heating and cooling from the same underfloor pipe system. This has a number of benefits:

  • Because it uses the same principles which make underfloor heating the most comfortable heating solution, underfloor cooling also offers the same benefits. Thermal energy, heating or cooling, will always be perfectly distributed around your rooms, with no more annoying draughts, noisy fans, or dust deposits. Your heating and cooling system will also be totally invisible
  • If you are using as your energy source a condensing boiler, you will find in winter the low returning water temperature actually boosts the efficiency of them, leading to significant savings in fuel consumption
  • During the summer, water temperature is regulated by electronic controllers to maintain a constant value of 15 °C to 20 °C. This drastically reduces the power needed by the chillers, which can therefore be a lot smaller than those required for conventional fan convector air conditioning systems
  • Changes in humidity which can lead to condensation are controlled by dehumidifiers which are an integral part of the system. Condensation starts when the dewpoint is reached, because of an imbalance between the required internal temperature and the ambient outdoor temperature

The system elements detailed below are designed to be used with an energy source such as a combined heating and cooling Heat Pump, or a heating energy source together with a cooling source, for example a condensing boiler and water chiller.

This section offers a combined controller and distribution manifold unit for high (wall hung radiators) and low (underfloor heating) temperature circuits. It is recommended you install this system with a weather compensating package, together with a de-humidification system, the elements of which are shown in this section.

Comfort Cooling Ranges