Boguard Electronic Corrosion Protection

An electronic anode designed to offer impressed current cathodic corrosion protection of lined hot water cylinders up to 5000 litres. Available in 3 versions 150 – 500L, 750 – 1000L and 1500 – 5000L

Technical Data

Please refer to the Emmeti Price List or the ‘Downloads’ section below or contact the office on 01993 824900 for technical details.



What size is the anode thread?
G ½” male and is available in 380mm and 430mm lengths

Which anode should I use for my tank?
150 – 500 ltrs: 380mm 750 – 1000 ltrs: 430mm 1500 – 5000 ltrs: 2 x 430mm

What are the benefits of an electronic anode over a traditional sacrificial anode?
Traditional magnesium anodes wear over time and will need to be replaced periodically, as the anode mass decreases so does its efficiency and due to this wear sediment will collect at the bottom of the tank and may become a possible bacteria breeding ground. The Boguard electronic anode does not have these limitations as it uses cathodic protection at impressed current.