Firstbox Flow & Temp Distribution Groups

A range of distribution groups for high (WHR) or low (UFH) temperature systems, with circulation pumps, allowing the location of high temperature modules near the open manifold or boiler. Options include: varying high/low combinations, 700 / 850 / 1000 cabinets, weather compensation, thermostatic regulation, open manifold, in-wall metal cabinets, motorised mixer valves.

Options include:

  • varying high/low combinations
  • 700 / 850 / 100 sizes
  • weather compensation
  • Thermostatic regulation
  • open manifold
  • in-wall metal cabinets
  • motorised mixer valves

Technical Data

These primary distribution groups, or control sets, allow management of each zone’s flow and temperature characteristics. Each circuit can be separately isolated or opened. The 1 ¼ “bracket mounted manifolds include as standard 3/4 “ FBSP outlets, temperature gauges and electrothermic valve bodies.

High temperature groups have no temperature management function, instead use the boiler output. Low temperature groups use either a thermostatic mixing valve, or a weather compensating package, including a 3-way actuator body for mixing management

All Firstbox distribution groups are fitted with Wilo Yonos Para RS25/6 RKA class A circulating pumps, compliant with the ErP Directive for circulators.



Emmeti Underfloor Heating Manifolds Sales Brochure

Product and system guide with range information, product features and examples for Under Floor Heating applications


Can you connect a copper pipe to any of Emmeti Manifolds?
Yes but we only cater for 10mm and 15mm pipe