Manifold and Mixing Group Accessories

When installing Emmeti manifolds is important to use Emmeti purpose designed accessories, made specifically to ensure safe and trouble-free installation. Emmeti have developed these accessories over many years and now have a wide range to meet a wide variety of application requirements:

  • Pipe Connectors: These are not supplied with the manifolds. You must choose a Monoblocco Connector to suit your pipe type and size–Designed for PB (Polybutylene), Copper, PEX and MLCP (Multi-Layer Composite) pipe in a wide range of sizes
  • Brackets are needed for all manifolds, either metal or plastic: Multiplex, TopSan, Modular, Mixer and some of the Topway range use a slider rail and plastic brackets system, whereas Topway WHR and Topway T2 and T3 manifolds are pre-assembled onto brackets.
  • Isolation of the complete manifold, using Progress Ball Valves – in both angled and straight patterns, with and without thermometers and designed specifically to connect to ¾”, 1” and 1 1/4” F connections on the manifold using an o-ring seal. For additional ball valves please refer to the ball valve section
  • Spares and upgrade kits – a range of replacements for Type 1, Type 2 and Type 3 manifolds, including flow meters and lockshield kits, thermostatic valve bodies, support brackets, fittings and adaptors for use with all Emmeti manifolds.
  • For measuring system pressure we have a wide range of pressure gauges to ensure that manifold pressure can be determined
  • Manifold cabinets – in both plastic and metal, both in-wall and surface mounting for use with sanitary and heating manifolds

The Emmeti Manifold Accessories Range

Manifold and Mixing Group Accessories Ranges