Separate 230v/24v Actuators

A range of actuators including: actuator for Modulo Compact suitable for valve bodies up to 1” in 230V and 24V versions; actuator for Modulo Plus suitable for valve bodies from 1¼” to 2” sizes in 230V version only.

Technical Data


Actuator for Modulo Compact


Actuator for Modulo Plus

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Installation Guide Wiring Connections for Modulo Compact and Modulo Plus Actuators Oct 2012

Installation Guide containing wiring diagram for Modulo Compact and Modulo Plus

Technical Product Guide Separate 230v 24v actuators Oct 2013

Technical Guide covering product range for Modulo Compact and Plus Motorised Ball Valves


Are the Modulo Compact and Modulo Plus motorised ball valves temperature operated?
The motorised ball valves will respond to any electrical source, like a switch, timer or thermostat.  They will open and close when the electrical source calls for it, so technically they are temperature operated if you wire them with a thermostat.

Do we sell diverter valves?
Yes we do.  Modulo Compact up to 1" and Modulo Plus up to 2" in 3 or 4-way formats.

Can the Modulo Compact and Modulo Plus motorised ball valves be used in drinking water applications?
No, they are designed to control and divert flow in heating systems and they are not WRAS approved.

Does Emmeti’s Modulo Compact and Modulo Plus Motorised ball valves have an end switch/ auxiliary switch/ proving switch ?
Yes, each actuator has an auxiliary switch (this is the same as an end switch or proving switch).  This is designed to switch on when a 2-way (zone) opens (or switches flow direction in the case of a three-way valve) and allows a boiler, for example, to be switched on when the valve opens and off again when the valve closes/ switches direction.

What are the maximum pressure ratings for the Modulo Compact and Modulo Plus motorised ball valves?
Maximum operating pressure: 40 bar
Maximum differential pressure: 6 bar  

Will other system controls feedback electrically on a Modulo Plus or Modulo Compact valve and cause the motorised valve to open or close when it is not required to?
When correctly wired,  there is no electrical connection between the motor and the auxiliary switch and this will not happen.

Is Modulo Plus the same size as Modulo Compact?
No, 1 1/4", 1 1/2" and 2" Modulo Plus has got a bigger more powerful motor @ 28Nm.  Modulo Compact is 1/2", 3/4" and 1" @ 8Nm only.