T2 Topway Plus FM Pre-Assembled Heating Manifold

Emmeti are pleased to introduce T2 Topway Plus, a pre-assembled stainless-steel manifold for use with underfloor and wall hung radiator systems available with between 2 and 12 ways. Complete with flowmeters, a 6-bar pressure gauge and Tecno-Varia automatic air vent as standard. The 1” pre-assembled T2 Topway Plus manifold is suitable for use with a combined mixing valve and circulating pump set such as the TM3-R Mixing Unit.

FMU-3 Floor Mixing Unit

Emmeti are pleased to introduce the new FMU3 Floor mixing unit designed for underfloor heating systems. This unit is a pre-assembled regulation control group and stainless-steel manifold assembly available with between 2 and 12 ways. It integrates both temperature and flow management, making the single piece unit very easy to install, saving time on site. Supplied with our TM3-R control group, it offers an integrated thermostatic mixing valve with remote actuation ensuring that hot water from the heat source and return water from the underfloor circuit are mixed together in the valve body to produce a range of temperatures from 20oC to 65oC. This range of temperatures suits a wide range of underfloor heating applications and floor construction. A further addition is a high efficiency Grundfos UPM3 Auto 7m, ErP 2015 compliant circulation pump.

TM3-R Control Group 

Emmeti’s new TM3-R is a control group for use with underfloor heating manifolds (T2 Topway). The mixing valve is adjustable between 20°- 65°C which complies with the requirement of BS1264-4 2009.  The TM3-R has an additional probe pocket for an optional over temperature device, a throttle to increase the Kv of the mixing valve for larger systems, and a built in non-return valve above the circulation pump to prevent back filling during the system fill which also reduces water loss if the circulation pump needs to be removed for maintenance. A new ErP 2015 compliant Grundfos UPM3 Auto 7m circulation pump is fitted as standard pump includes 3 control modes and double de-blocking system.

CS17 – Touchscreen Programmable Thermostat

Emmeti are pleased to introduce the new CS17 –  touchscreen programmable thermostat into their range of digital thermostats for both underfloor and wall hung radiator systems. With its large, simple and clear  LCD touch screen designed to offer maximum functionality whilst remaining simple to use but also modern and sleek in design.

1” Female – Male Union Progress Ball Valves

A set of straight progress ball valves for use with Topway Plus Stainless-Steel Manifolds, FMU3 Mixing units and TM3-R control group. Available in 1” Female BSP x 1” Male BSP connections with O-ring seal and loose nut union, with or without thermometer pocket and 0° – 80° thermometer.