Top Range Press Reducer

Top Range Pressure Reducers

A range of top dial pressure reducers, available between ½” and 1”. Pipe union connectors are also available. Adjustable from 1 to 6 bar outlet pressure with top dial-up setting and include a built-in serviceable stainless steel filter and a gauge port (blanked off) either side. All Top range pressure reducers are WRAS approved.

Technical Data

The Top range of pressure reducers offers the same high standards of design, construction and performance as the ECO range but with extra features.

The diaphragm is made of a synthetic material with a low friction coefficient, reducing the formation of limescale build up, which is a main cause of installation failure.

The valve mechanism is ‘drop tight’ in compliance with EN1567. This means that water pressure on the downstream side of the valve will not creep up, even when water is not flowing through the valve.

The single-piece diaphragm assembly allows easy servicing and replacement, without the need to remove the whole body.

Additionally, the TOP range incorporates a serviceable stainless steel filter designed to prevent contamination of the pressure gauge and downstream pipework. Cold water models have a transparent plastic cover so that build up of sediment can be seen. Hot water models have a brass filter cover.

The TOP range also offers simple, accurate pre-calibrated dial-up adjustment enabling the required pressure to be preset prior to installation.

Gauge ports are included on both sides, 1/4” BSP female, for reading the downstream set pressure.

Technical Data

  • Maximum inlet pressure: 16 bar
  • Adjustable outlet pressure range: 1.0 – 6.0 bar
  • Outlet pressure: factory set to 3.0 bar

Factory Calibration:

In line test bench using 8.0 bar upstream pressure and 3.0 bar downstream, 100% tested.


  • Simply adjust turning the black control knob and reading the displayed scale. You can calibrate to the required downstream pressure before installing.
  • When flow begins it will control immediately to set pressure.
  • Maximum temperature: 70°C brass base, 30°C plastic base
  • Mounting position: Any
  • WRAS approval number: 0902045
  • Product Standard: to EN1567



  1. Pressure adjustment dial in plastic, polyamide PA 6 (15% FV)
  2. Dial-up adjustment mechanism EN 12164 CW614N
  3. Spring in stainless AISI 302
  4. Top housing in plastic, polyamide PA66 (30% FV)
  5. Brass body EN 12165 CW617N
  6. Brass pipe unions EN 12165 CW617N
  7. Actuator cartridge: plastics in Hostaform (acetal copolymer), gaskets and membrane in EPDM 70 WRAS, shaft and washers in stainless steel AISI 304
  8. Filter cover in transparent plastic, polyamide PA 12
  9. 500 Mu dia filter in stainless steel AISI 316



Technical Product Guide Pressure Reducers Top Range Mar 2011

Technical Guide covering range, product features, technical specification, and dimensional drawings for Top Range Pressure Reducers


Why do I need to install a pressure reducer?
Across the UK the mains water pressure varies, protection is required for appliances and water fittings which have maximum operating pressures.

What setting should my pressure reducer be set to?
3 bar is a common pre-set value but advice should be sought from a qualified installer as all installations are different.

What may have caused my water pressure/flow to reduce?
The Emmeti Dial up cold water pressure reducer contains a gauze filter which may have become blocked by sediment from the mains.

What is the maximum upstream pressure for the Eco+ pressure reducer?
25 bar