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By using an Emmeti sanitary manifold with a point to point plumbing configuration you can greatly reduce the number of joints in your system, speeding up installation time and vastly reducing the chances of a leak. A manifold system also allows you to reduce certain pipe sizes per outlet, which will save on material and installation cost (e.g. WC feed with 10mm and shower feed with 16mm).

What is Point to Point Plumbing?

Point to point plumbing is a method of installation using a manifold to distribute hot and cold water to outlets and appliances around the property (such as washing machines, sinks, baths, dishwashers, and so on). Each individual outlet is supplied using a continuous length of pipe from the manifold, with the only joints at the outlet and at the manifold. This elimination of intermediate joints in the system reduces installation time and vastly decreases the potential for leaks, which can lead to costly repair claims and damage to reputation.

branch vs manifold plumbing

joint comparisonThe examples above show how the use of a manifold eliminates all concealed intermediate joints (that could potentially leak) against the conventional method of installing tees. The pipe distributed to each outlet can be tailored to suit individual requirements i.e. 16mm to shower and 10mm to basin and WC. The manifolds shown also allows for isolation at each outlet in the event of any repair work or maintenance.

The reduction in fittings along with the speed of installation will offset any additional costs incurred when purchasing the manifold and additional pipe.

The Emmeti Sanitary Manifold Range

sanitary manifold types

At Emmeti we offer four types of manifold for use in sanitary plumbing. The choice of manifold will depend on the features required for your project:

sanitary manifold product comparisons

Key Benefits of Sanitary Manifold Plumbing

For the Installer:

  • Provides you with individual isolation of sanitary appliances if required. You are able to isolate parts of the system whilst the rest remains operational, reducing disruption when carrying out repairs or maintenance*.
  • Reduced installation time of between 30%-40% due to less joints. Gives you a reduction of up to 70% of joints, with virtual elimination of tees and elbows, therefore less chance of leaks.
  • Ensures that you have good accessibility in the event of a problem – limits the points at which a leak could occur to the point of use and the manifold, significantly reducing the time for fault finding.
  • All joints are above ground and are easily accessible.
  • Emmeti Monoblocco connectors allow you to tailor the outlet sizes for different pipe sizes going to different outlets. You can therefore optimise the pipe size to be installed per outlet.
  • Allows an easier understanding of water system schematics in relation to points of isolation. This will ensure future maintenance and repair can be carried out with minimum disruption.

*Only applies to Topsan and Multiplex Manifolds

For the Main Contractor / Developer

  • Gives you peace of mind. Having fewer and easier to access joints reduces the risk of delays and call backs.
  • Allows you to improve planning, organisation and standardisation on site, benefitting the build program for your project.
  • Provides you with first fix isolation benefitting your build program.
  • Benefits health and safety on your project, cuts down the amount of hot works on site.

For the Building Occupier / Owner

  • Gives you the flexibility of central and individual control – when maintenance is required, rather than isolating a whole system (such as the mains supply tap under the kitchen sink) the service engineer can isolate individual circuits. This minimises drain-down time, and reduces system recovery issues on re-commissioning.*
  • Each circuit can be marked with an outlet icon also indicating whether it is hot or cold, allowing easy identification of which isolating tap to close. The manifolds are supplied with individual identification stickers to apply during installation.*
  • In the unlikely event of a leak, you have the significant advantage of being able to isolate only the circuit that has the leak, whilst continuing to use the other outlets, until remedial work can be arranged.*
  • Provides you with considerably reduced maintenance costs through less disruption, down-time and maintenance engineer cost and time on site.
  • Your manifolds can be installed in a convenient location such as a riser or service cupboard for easy access meaning less disruption to the building occupiers and ease of repair/ maintenance for engineers and contractors.
  • Having good accessibility will mean that your ongoing water risk assessments will be easier to conduct.

*Only applies to Topsan and Multiplex Manifolds

For the Specifier

  • By specifying this system it allows you to add value to the project with an improved method of installation. This will optimise time on site whilst selling confidence to the client with ease of maintenance and reduced chance of leaks.
  • Innovative concept that will distinguish your project from other designers.
  • Manifolds give you a precise, neat design and layout allowing a convenient central location for distribution, service and maintenance. Manifolds installed in riser or service cupboards mean lack of disruption to the building occupiers and ease of repair/maintenance for engineers.
  • Can offer cost savings due to shorter lengths of primary hot and cold pipework between the source and manifold.

Hot and Cold Plumbing Manifolds Ranges