UFH Pipes & Fittings

At Emmeti we have in recent years invested heavily in the manufacture of pipe, opening a state of the art dedicated pipe production factory in Autumn 2009. Designed specifically for UFH applications, Emmeti offer PE-RT/AL/PE-RT and PE-Xa pipe in various sizes. All sizes are approved to European standards for use in underfloor or low temperature heating systems and some for radiator central heating*.

These pipe are for heating systems only and not for potable water systems (see Gerpex for sanitary applications). To complement the pipe and ensure that it can be fitted correctly, Emmeti offer a wide range of accessories – pipe conduit, mounting rails, pipe staples and staple guns, pipe bends and our patented Monoblocco connector system which is used for connection to Emmeti manifolds or for joining pipes together.

Our UFH pipe range:

  • PE-RT/AL/PE-RT Alpert MLCP UFH Pipe – 16 x 2mm. 20 x 2mm
  • PE-Xa barrier pipe – 16 x 2mm, 17 x 2mm, 20 x 2mm, 25 x 2.3mm
  • PE-Xc – 12 x 2mm
  • Pipe Conduit – 21 x 16mm, 24 x 19mm, 25 x 20mm, 28 x 23mm

NB. Our underfloor pipe is not suitable for high temperature heating.

Approx. water volume per meter of pipe:

  • 12 x 2: 0.05 l/m
  • 16 x 2: 0.11 l/m
  • 17 x 2: 0.13 l/m
  • 20 x 2: 0.20 l/m
  • 25 x 2.3: 0.32 l/m

* For systems with a nominal flow temperature of 80oC

UFH Pipes & Fittings Ranges