Monoblocco 24×19 Connectors

Unique single piece 24×19 connectors suitable for connecting a wide range of pipe types and sizes to our manifolds: copper pipe, MultiLayer composite (MLCP) pipe, PEX, PP and PB pipes.

Technical Data

Monoblocco connector for plastic PB polybutylene pipe, nickel-plated

 monoblocco plastic PBmonoblocco plastic PB table



Monoblocco connector for copper pipe, nickel-plated

monoblocco copper monoblocco copper table



Monoblocco connector for MLCP MultiLayer composite pipes, nickel-plated

monoblocco MLCPmonoblocco MLCP table



Monoblocco connector for PEX, PE-RT and PB pipe, nickel-plated

monoblocco Pexmonoblocco Pex table



Emmeti Underfloor Heating Manifolds Sales Brochure

Product and system guide with range information, product features and examples for Under Floor Heating applications


Do I need to calibrate the underfloor heating pipe prior to fitting the monoblocco?
Only for MLCP (Alpert and Gerpex) to prepare the pipe and ensure correct monoblocco fitting. Emmeti stock a range of calibration tooling for Multilayer pipe. (16mm calibrator U9280001)