Emmeti PE-Xa pipe

PE-Xa Barrier Pipe

PE-Xa barrier pipe suitable for use in Underfloor Heating and Wall Hung Radiator systems. Ideal for fitting to castellated panels or direct to insulation the PE-Xa pipe can be easily bent into position and held in place with clips.

Three layer barrier pipe with EVOH oxygen barrier outer layer and PE-Xa inner layer. Easy to bend and secure for Under Floor Heating pipework. Suitable for use in general heating applications, maximum temperature 95oC, 6 bar maximum pressure. Available in sizes:

  • 16mm x 2mm, 240m, 500m coils.
  • 17mm x 2mm, 240m, 500m, 600m coils.
  • 20mm x 2mm, 500m coils.
  • 25mm x 2.3mm, 500m coils.

Technical Data

Constructed of an inner layer of PE-Xa, an adhesive layer and an outer oxygen barrier layer of EVOH. This gives a higher temperature rating than the Alpert multilayer pipe at 95oC and 6 bar.

The EVOH layer prevents permeation of oxygen through the tubing which eliminates corrosion of the metal components in a heating system.

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Emmeti Underfloor Heating Manifolds Sales Brochure

Product and system guide with range information, product features and examples for Under Floor Heating applications


Technical Product Guide PE-Xa and PE-Xc barrier Pipe July 2016

Technical Guide covering range, technical specification, and composition for UFH PE-Xa and PE-Xc Barrier Pipe

Technical Product Guide PE-Xa and PE-Xc 5-layer Barrier Pipe Aug 2016

Technical product guide for PE-Xa and PE-Xc barrier pipe for heating applications only


What is crimp fitting or crimping?
There are many different systems on the market. Generally in the UK we use press fittings, which are a form of crimping. Connection is reached by pushing the outer sleeve to pipe, compressing it between the sleeve and  the inner brass piece. This is achieved using a mechanical press tool. Emmeti offer a range of these, please ask for further information.

Can we connect to Wirsbro 20mm PE-X pipe?
Yes, use our 20mm Monoblocco connector 28100346 20x2mm. If you require to bridge between two different pipes, buy 28103080 24x19 straight adaptor, with the other Monoblocco matched to the different pipe

How do I connect 22mm Hep2O pipe to your 1” manifolds?
Please purchase U9240018 22mm x 1” BSP Male copper adaptor. Ensure you follow the pipe manufacturer’s instructions on how to connect to 22mm copper adaptors.

Are you able to join pipes under the floor?
This is achievable; you must ensure the joint is sealed with a protective tape (permanent adhesive like duct tape) to ensure screed does not seap in to the monoblocco pipe connector, as this will erosion of the seals over time, and perhaps create leaks. However where possible this should be avoided.

How do I remove permanent airlocks in line in a pipe that is higher than the existing system air vents?
If the pipe is exposed, you can cut into it, and place a tee-piece (code 28103200), with two inline 24x19 monoblocco threads and a 1/2" FBSP connection, facing this upwards (fitted as an inverted tee). Choose monoblocco connectors from our range to match your pipe (take care of the pipe wall thickness). Then screw in a manual air vent 00400004 into the tee.

Can underfloor heating pipe be used for radiator central heating?
Emmeti’s range of PE-Xa and PE-Xc is suitable to be used in general heating applications, with maximum operating temperatures of 95oC and 90oC respectively. Our Gerpex range is the most suitable for high temperature radiator applications due to its maximum operating temperature of 95oC

What is the difference between PE-Xa, PE-Xb and PE-Xc?
PE-Xa, PE-Xb and PE-Xc are all made of cross linked polyethylene. The a, b and c identify the manufacturing method, a: Peroxide method, b: Silane method and c: Irradiation method. All are suitable for wet UFH applications. PE-Xa tends to be the most flexible, kinks may be repaired with a heat gun but has a lower bursting pressure than PE-Xb. PE-Xb tends to have the greatest resistance to oxidation, highest bursting pressure, although kinks must be cut out. PE-Xc is the most environmentally friendly to manufacture although is the least resistant to kinks.

Does Emmeti offer a pipe repair coupling?
Yes; however our fittings are sold separatley to be made in to a coupling;  a straight male-male threaded fitting 28103080 and 2 Monoblocco connectors, one on each side of the fitting (correct for type and size of pipe). Threaded fittings and Monoblocco connectors