Single Zone Underfloor Heating Made Simple

The new T3 Topway SZP Single Zone Pack (Single Loop Manifold with control group) is a plug & play solution, offering a feature-rich solution for underfloor heating in a compact Emmeti Topway T2 and T3 Controller Group single-way manifold for use in single zone applications.

Typically, the manifold would be used for adding an underfloor heating circuit in a conservatory or extension, either to an existing high temperature radiator system or as an independent circuit from the heat source.

It is designed to allow the connection of an underfloor heating circuit with individual time and/or temperature control of the circuit. The SZP allows the primary flow and return temperature to be controlled to a temperature suitable for underfloor heating if a low temperature heat source is not being used. It has specifically been developed for single zone applications, allowing the underfloor heating circuit pump to be switched on without the additional cost and complexity of an underfloor heating wiring centre.

The SZP is provided with an electrothermic valve body which permits electrical control of the circuit either by a programmable or standard wall thermostat, and a pipe thermostat. Used with a four-wire electrothermic head which includes an auxiliary switch, this also allows independent switching on and off of the pump.

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