Case Studies

Although we are well known for our Underfloor Heating, our passion is the application of manifolds to plumbing and heating systems. The Site References here are all related to their installation and use.

The use of manifolds is a change in the working practice of an M&E installer. It gives distinct advantages to the installer. It makes his life easier on site – a faster, more efficient installation technique. With a manifold based system, whether for drinking water or wall hung radiators, at the heart of the system, the plumbing network changes radically.

Manifolds enable point to point plumbing. Great phrase, but what does it mean? It means continuous pipe runs, with no joints, from the manifold to the point of use – whether that is a radiator or a tap. No joints between those two points means two things – no places to leak other than at origination and termination, generally both accessible – and without tees or elbows, reduced costs in product and time. It can be up to 40% quicker to install using a manifold based technique – but it needs a little planning and you won’t see the benefit first time out. Once the product is installed, the next advantage is in commissioning – depending on how feature rich the manifold product is, you can carry out a lot of your work from the one location, like lockshield balancing for example. There is a long list of benefits.

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This is not clever product, its smart installing.

Our Projects

America Field

Emmeti manifolds and controls used for both the underfloor heating and wall hung radiator systems with 16 x 2mm Gerpex MLCP for supplying radiators and 16 x 2mm AL-PERT used for the underfloor heating system.


Emmeti manifolds and controls used for both the underfloor heating and wall hung radiator systems, with 16 x 2mm Gerpex MLCP used to supply radiators and 16 x 2mm ALPERT used for the underfloor heating loops

Putney Square

Hot and cold manifold plumbing, for bathrooms and kitchen using a Topsan Plumbing Manifold with 10mm and 15mm PolyButylene pipework.

Tannery Yard

6 way Emmeti FMU2 manifold, connected with 16 x 2mm AL-PERT pipe used for Underfloor heating in 3 zones, castellated panel with spreader (heat emission) plates,  CS-11 thermostats, EWC-1 wiring centre and RCE weather compensation control. 16mm and 26mm Gerpex Multi-Layer Composite Pipe and Press Fittings also used for the primary pipework.

Telephone House

Hot and cold manifold plumbing for bathroom and kitchen, using a multiplex plumbing manifold, with 15mm PolyButylene WRAS approved pipe.

Yardley Park

16, 20, 26 and 32mm Gerpex multi-layer composite pipe used for supplying radiators and hot and cold water services around the property, together with Gerpex Press Fittings and Multiplex sanitary manifolds. Emmeti FMU2 manifold, controls, 16 x 2mm AL-PERT pipe and tacker clips used for underfloor heating and 3⁄4” Modulo compact zone valves to provide 4 separate heating zones across the property.