The use of Wall Thermostats can reduce end user heating costs by up to 40%

Recent research carried out by TACMA, the BEAMA Controls Group, shows that by using wall thermostat controls in each zone you can save up to 40% per annum on heating bills. The tests were carried out independently, at the University of Salford, in their Energy House facility. Emmeti advocates the use of wall thermostats in conjunction with a manifold based distribution and control system, either a simple digital thermostat or a programmable thermostat (with the ability to set a lower temperature at certain set times of low occupancy).

Why not Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRV’s)?
Although when used effectively, they do reduce costs, they have a number of limitations. Typically, householders ignore them, only setting them against a specific change in need (too hot or too cold). They are not always easy to physically access, and cannot be read until very close, or even kneeling next to them. Often they are obscured by furniture. Wall thermostats, with a clear easy to understand digital display, show you the current zone or room temperature, at eye-level. Thus they are more noticeable, easier to understand, and physically easier to change. There is anecdotal evidence they get changed more often, and end users pay greater attention to them. Wall thermostats  have no restriction on location. They can be optimised to be in the most suitable place, like a cold spot, or at a sensible height where it is easy to reach and use.

View Emmeti WHR leaflet.