Energy Firstbox Cased Primary Distribution Modules

Energy Firstbox Cased Primary Distribution

A wide range of Energy Firstbox cased primary heating distribution models with heat metering for a number of different high and low temperature circuit combinations. Cabinet sizes offer options : L850, L1000 and L1200. Each Module Contents: 1.1/4” flow and return manifolds; 1”Fx1/2”F Low loss header; 2 Shark Circulating Pumps 6/53; 3 ball valves; 1 balancing valve; 3 temperature gauges; 2 zone valves (electrothermic bodies only); spacer for DN15 1/2” energy meter.

Technical Data

Please contact the office on 01993 824900 for technical details.



Can you advise which pipe goes where on an energy meter?
The heat meter (like a water meter) is located in the return line and the tee holder of the temperature probe is located in the flow line.

Can you tell me what the connection size for an energy meter is?
It varies by each energy meter.  You buy the meter based on DN size and match up to the tails (pipe union connections).  The connections on the body of the meter are always 'bigger' than the final connection to the pipe.  When you use the pipe union connections kit - e.g. a DN15 body has a 3/4" body connection - needs a 3/4"F x 1/2"M connection (02708098) - therefore if you want a 3/4" pipe connection, you need a 1" body DN20.