Energy/ Water Meters and Accessories

Energy/Water Meters and Accessories

A range of energy meters, water meters, and accessories for energy metering systems.

  • Direct reading energy meter
  • Flow sensor holder Tee pieces
  • Direct reading water meters for hot or cold water
  • Pipe Spacer for heat meter position
  • Pipe union connections kit (pair)
  • Hot/cold energy meter with data transmission with dual pulse input for connection to up to 2 volumetric pulse-emitting meters
  • Remote reading energy meters for hot and cold water
  • Pipe Spacer for heat meter position
  • Pipe union connections kits
  • Energy meter (hot only) for high flow rates with threaded or flanged fitting and data transmission
  • Probe holder kits for energy measurement devices
  • Micro-Master
  • Impulse adaptor
  • M-Bus concentrators and repeaters
  • Transformer 230/24 V 35 VA
  • Standard modem
  • USB optical reader kit
  • Serial/USB adaptor cable

Technical Data

Please contact the office on 01993 824900 for technical details.



Can you advise which pipe goes where on an energy meter?
The heat meter (like a water meter) is located in the return line and the tee holder of the temperature probe is located in the flow line.

Can you tell me what the connection size for an energy meter is?
It varies by each energy meter.  You buy the meter based on DN size and match up to the tails (pipe union connections).  The connections on the body of the meter are always 'bigger' than the final connection to the pipe.  When you use the pipe union connections kit - e.g. a DN15 body has a 3/4" body connection - needs a 3/4"F x 1/2"M connection (02708098) - therefore if you want a 3/4" pipe connection, you need a 1" body DN20.