Gerpex Tooling

A range of pressing tools to suit 10mm up to 110mm with multi-profile compatible tooling. Jaws available to suit our range up to 63mm. Also included are pipe cutting, preparation tools and bending equipment. Includes battery operated, Mini and Akku-Press, as well as replacement jaws.

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Gerpex Technical Brochure 2021

Gerpex Installation Guide

GERPEX MultiLayer Composite Pipe & Press Fit System Installation Guide


I can see that TH profiles are WRAS approved with Gerpex Press Fittings. Can I use other jaw profiles?
Gerpex Press Fittings are WRAS approved when use in conjunction with TH profile pressing jaws. However the fittings are fully compatible with B profile up to 32mm and U, H & F up to 20mm sizes. B, U, H & F profiles don’t have the WRAS approval with Gerpex Press Fittings so please check potable water requirements for the project with the architect, project manager, etc as appropriate before using these jaw profiles.

Does Gerpex Multi-layer Composite Pipe need metal tracer tapes as per the NHBC requirements for metal detection?
No, the aluminium core within the Gerpex pipe can be picked up with a metal pipe detector.

I see that Gerpex Multi-layer Composite Pipe has a butt welded aluminium core, is this better than products with lapped joints?
The butt welded aluminium core ensures a consistent pipe diameter and a more circular pipe cross section allowing water to travel with less resistance providing a benefit.

Can I connect Gerpex Multi-layer Composite Pipe directly to a boiler?
Most boiler manufactures require a minimum length of a metal pipe before allowing connection to MLCP. Please check with the boiler manufacturer’s instructions before considering any connections directly to the boiler. At Emmeti we have developed MLCP to copper fittings for ease of connection.

Can I use Gerpex Multi-layer Composite Pipe for underfloor heating loops?
Yes it’s perfectly possible to use 16mm Gerpex for example in UFH applications. However, at Emmeti we also offer two other pipe products specifically for UFH (Alpert MLCP and PE-Xa barrier pipe). Both of these products may provide a more cost effective solution for this particular application.