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A range of WRAS approved nickel plated, extruded brass manifolds for use with hot and cold water services with ¾” and 1” female inlet connections and DN20 outlets. Available from 2 to 12 ways in ¾” and 4, 5 and 6 ways in 1”. Isolating taps on each outlet are included with red and blue labels for easy identification of outlet application.

Also available are ball valves, mounting brackets, compression fittings and WRAS approved Monoblocco pipe connectors for a wide range of pipe types and sizes.


Technical Data




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  • Manifold in nickel plated drawn brass bar to EN12168 CW614N
  • Inlet connections G ¾ & G 1”
  • Takeoff outlet threads M 24×19
  • ABS white colour knobs
  • Seals in NBR
  • Takeoff spacing G ¾”: 36 mm centres G 1”: 50mm centres

Technical data

Maximum operating pressure: 10 bar
Maximum operating temperature: 110 °C



Emmeti Hot and Cold Plumbing Manifolds Sales Brochure

Product and system guide with selector tables, range information and case studies for Hot and Cold Manifold applications


Emmeti Topsan Sanitary Manifolds

Technical Guide covering product features, technical specification and dimensional drawings for Topsan Sanitary Manifolds

Technical Product Guide Emmeti BBA Approved Manifold October 2014

Technical guide covering BBA certification for a range of sanitary and wall hung radiator manifolds including Topway, Topsan and Multiplex

Emmeti Topsan Technical Datasheet May 2018


Can you connect a copper pipe to any of Emmeti Manifolds?
Yes but we only cater for 10mm and 15mm pipe

Why should I use TopSan manifolds, instead of the Multiplex manifold?
The TopSan was developed to allow more than 4-ways to be used without having to spend time on screwing together more than one manifold – for example if you are supplying two bathrooms from one set of manifolds, needing an 7-way for the cold supply (2 toilets, 2 basins, 2 showers and 1 bath) and a 5-way for hot (no toilets). Using Multiplex you would need a 4-way + a 3-way, and for the hot supply you would need a 3-way plus a 2-way  – 2 more connections than you would have with a TopSan set of manifolds.

Can I fit the manifolds upside down?
Yes, in fact the more experienced  installers prefer to do this. Generally pipe runs in point to point plumbed systems rise upwards to the roof/floor above, and pass through the roof space on the ground floor, then dropping down to termination points.

Can I use the isolators to throttle flow?
They do have some impact on flow, particularly when reduced to below 50% of their fully open position. But this is considered not best practice. It is recommended that you fit flow regulators, that can be bought in the open market.

Is the TopSan manifold and fittings WRAS approved?
Yes, including all the connectors for pipe, WRAS reference 1006043, and it can be found on their website. (here)

Can I balance the radiators by using the white knobs?
These knobs are for isolating the circuit only. Although they will reduce flow as you throttle them closed, it is inaccurate and inefficient. You should be using the lockshield valves installed on the Radiators, or better yet, installing a Topway T2  manifold system with your radiators, that allows you to balance on the manifold.

Can I use 10mm pipe for sanitary supply?
This is simply a question of the available flow, pressure and pipe run length. It is now common practice to supply basin taps for example, with 10mm PB pipe over a reasonable distance of some meters.

Do I need to terminate at the manifold?
No, you do not – simply continue through the manifold. Connect your flow in at one end and connect your flow out at the other end, instead of blanking the manifold off.  Then continue your pipe run onto the final destination. Make sure overall you have enough flow to provide to more than one set of hot and cold manifolds.

How do I connect 22mm pipe?
Our manifolds have a maximum internal diameter of 20mm, with an external diameter of 24mm. You cannot connect 22mm pipe to the outlets, but using a standard 1” or ¾” Male or Female BSP by 22mm compression adaptor, you can connect up 22mm copper or PB pipe to the inlet side. We have found over the seven years of using these manifold in UK new houses that you don’t need more then 15mm pipe for main unvented hot water cylinder supply.

Can Emmeti sanitary manifolds be disinfected in accordance with HSE ACOP L8* with a chemical giving rise to a free chlorine level of 25-50mg/l?
Providing that the chemical disinfection regime is carried out in strict accordance with HSE ACOP L8, we are prepared to guaranteee the life of our sanitary manifolds for a period of 10 years from the date of commissioning the system. *This is to prevent the growth of Legionella bacteria in sanitary water systems which can cause a potentially lethal infection in humans

What is the recommended pipe run length when installing sanitary hot water plumbing pipe?