PE-Xc Barrier Pipe

12 x 2mm Three layer barrier pipe in high density polyethylene, cross linked. Easy to bend and secure for use in UnderFloor Heating and Wall Hung Radiator Systems. Maximum Temperature 90oC at 10 bar. Coil size 240m.

Technical Data

Conforms to EN ISO 15875, DIN 4726 and UNI 9338. Coil size 240m



Technical Product Guide PE-Xa and PE-Xc barrier Pipe July 2016

Technical Guide covering range, technical specification, and composition for UFH PE-Xa and PE-Xc Barrier Pipe

Technical Product Guide PE-Xa and PE-Xc 5-layer Barrier Pipe Aug 2016

Technical product guide for PE-Xa and PE-Xc barrier pipe for heating applications only


Can underfloor heating pipe be used for radiator central heating?
Emmeti’s range of PE-Xa and PE-Xc is suitable to be used in general heating applications, with maximum operating temperatures of 95oC and 90oC respectively. Our Gerpex range is the most suitable for high temperature radiator applications due to its maximum operating temperature of 95oC

What is the difference between PE-Xa, PE-Xb and PE-Xc?
PE-Xa, PE-Xb and PE-Xc are all made of cross linked polyethylene. The a, b and c identify the manufacturing method, a: Peroxide method, b: Silane method and c: Irradiation method. All are suitable for wet UFH applications. PE-Xa tends to be the most flexible, kinks may be repaired with a heat gun but has a lower bursting pressure than PE-Xb. PE-Xb tends to have the greatest resistance to oxidation, highest bursting pressure, although kinks must be cut out. PE-Xc is the most environmentally friendly to manufacture although is the least resistant to kinks.