Topway Wall Hung Radiator Manifold

Type 1 Topway WHR

The Type 1 Topway range is a distribution only manifold designed to offer central connections for pipe supplying the wall hung radiators. Localised control such as thermostatic radiator valves (TRV) and lockshield (LS) valves should be fitted to the radiators.

The Type 1 Topway is available as ¾” pre- assembled flow and return manifold kit with mounting brackets, manual air vents and blanking plugs. A range of single bars in varying sizes from ¾”, 1” and 1 ¼” are also available.

Manifolds can be surface mounted, concealed in a cabinet or within a partition wall. Manifold flow and return bars are offset to accommodate flow and return pipework. Also available are ball valves, fittings and Monoblocco pipe connectors to accommodate a wide range of pipe types and sizes.


Technical Data

Key Features

  • Nickel plated extruded brass manifold pre-assembled for immediate mounting specifically designed for radiator systems to minimise joints and leaks
  • Available with ¾” flow and return rails, from 2 ways to 12 ways for use with conventional manual and thermostatic radiator valves
  • Can be surface mounted, concealed in a choice of purpose designed plastic or metal cabinets or within a partition wall
  • Manifold flow and return outlets are offset for ease of installation and include manual air vents and blanking plugs
  • Ball valves, fittings and Monoblocco pipe connectors will accommodate a wide range of pipe types and sizes
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Emmeti Wall Hung Radiator Manifolds Sales Brochure

Product and system guide with selector tables, range information and examples for wall hung radiator manifold applications


Technical Product Guide Emmeti BBA Approved Manifold October 2014

Technical guide covering BBA certification for a range of sanitary and wall hung radiator manifolds including Topway, Topsan and Multiplex

Technical Product Guide Topway WHR T1 Jan 2014

Technical Guide covering product features, technical specification, and drawings for T1 Topway pre-assembled WHR manifolds


I need an easy way to isolate each circuit when filling up and commissioning the heating system, how can I do this?
We suggest you use a TopSan manifold, which will have the facility to isolate each circuit on both the flow and return. This means you can isolate all circuits and open each one up, fill it and balance the circuit before moving onto the next one, isolating off both flow and return on the circuit you have just completed.

Can you connect a copper pipe to any of Emmeti Manifolds?
Yes but we only cater for 10mm and 15mm pipe